Morning Shift Podcast | Daniel Tucker, January 16, 2018

Morning Shift is sitting down with all 10 candidates who want to replace Lisa Madigan as Illinois attorney general to hear about their backgrounds, their platforms, and their aspirations for the office. The field includes eight Democrats and two Republicans and features a state Senator, a state rep, a former governor, a former federal prosecutor, the former head of the Independent Police Review Authority, and more.

As you might expect, many of them have practiced law or are currently lawyers. One of those is Jesse Ruiz. In 2015, Ruiz served for a few months as the interim CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and is currently both a partner at the Chicago law firm Drinker Biddle and president of the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners. Morning Shift talks to Jesse Ruiz about why he thinks he should be the next attorney general for the state of Illinois.

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